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Training schedules

Below, you will find information about the climbing hours that are available for members. Also the light members can use these training hours. Read the instructions and obey them!

Note: Check the current hours from the front page. More details below.

Oulun kiipeilykeskus (Toppila, Paakakatu 7)

  1. Oulu Climbing Center; free, only for members!
  2. Enter via cash desk, there is a list of OKS members, check your name. If you are a new member, bring the receipt of membership payment with you for validation.
  3. Own equipment must be used (possibility to rent the equipment).

Oulun Cave (Nallisport, Vellamontie 9)

  1. Oulu Cave boulder gym; free, only for members!
  2. Own equipment must be used (not possible to rent the equipment).
  3. Write your name + “OKS-91” in the list at Cave when climbing on OKS-91 training hours.
  4. If you are training there outside OKS-91 training hours, entry is 5€ and can be paid to bank account or by cash.
  5. Read the instructions carefully and obey them!
  6. Cave is located at the upstairs of Nallisport, ask for the key and directions from the cash desk and make sure that if you are the last to leave, you lock the doors and return the key.

Ice Climbing Tower (Alakyläntie 1070)

  1. Free for OKS members, 15€ otherwise!
  2. Club members can rent equipment for 10€/set, contact varusteet ät
  3. If you need more info, contact jaatorni ät