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There are two membership classes. By becoming a full OKS member you’ll also become a member of Suomen Kiipeilyliitto (SKIL) and you will also get extensive climbing insurance. By becoming “light” member, you will not get the SKIL benefits (insurance) and will not be able to participate in OKS courses (this is possible if you are full member of other climbing club).

How to became a member?

Kuinka liityn jäseneksi?

To be a member, you have to make account to Suomisport. Then you have to open a link again and make a membership application. So you can open these links to make a account, then open it again to become a member. Any problems, we are happy to help:
Full members Adults:
Full members under 19-years:
Light members:

Membership fees for 2024

Adult 110 euros
Junior (under 19 years) 88 euros
Light membership 52 euros

As a member you’re entitled to:

  • 5 € climbing at clubs shift at Oulun kiipeilykeskus (Oulu Climbing Center) every Tuesday 18.45-20.45 (winter hours)
  • 5 € bouldering at Kaamos on Thursday 18.00-20.30
  • Free training hours at our own climbing tower every Wednesday and Sunday

See the detailed schedules!

And more:

  • (full membership only) Extensive climbing insurance (max. compensation of 15 000€ / accident, 200€ excess, valid in Finland and abroad) Here you can find incurance details: Climbing insurance for members 2024
  • (full membership only with extra charge 50 € and booking your own card beforehand) Discount in many European hiking and alpine cabins
  • Oulus climbing center: 10% discount from the adults yearly membership fee, 10% discount from the adults 10-times pass in Oulun kiipeilykeskus, 10 % discount of adults monthly pass. Kids and youngsters in our groups get 10 %  discount of harnesses and shoes. Parents can enter top rope courses at 50 €
  • Kaamos climbing: yearly membership 499 €, 5 -times pass 45 €, 20- times pass 180 €.
  • Club evenings (free climbing, technique training, presentations, etc.)
  • Rent equipment
  • Take part in our climbing trips
  • 10 % discount of courses.